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Recent Work

  • ((Poetry/Following|Following))
  • ((Poetry/Ricochet|Ricochet))
  • ((Poetry/WoundAroundEncounter|Wound Around Encounter))
  • ((Poetry/faith|faith))


  • ((Poetry/moment|moment))
  • ((Poetry/SoundedLike|Sounded like))
  • ((Poetry/AgainGainGrain|again gain grain))
  • ((Poetry/RageInCircles|Rage in Circles))
  • ((Poetry/ee|ee))
  • ((Poetry/drawn|drawn))
  • ((Poetry/TallManMad|tall man mad))
  • ((Poetry/ConcentricCircles|concentric circles))
  • ((Poetry/Unmutual|Unmutual))
  • ((Poetry/DesertCactusMaze|Desert Cactus Maze))
  • ((Poetry/PainlessThought|Painless Thought))
  • ((Poetry/LeftIsTheArtifact|Left is the Artifact))
  • ((Poetry/Perturbation|Perturbation))
  • ((Poetry/BecauseTheWorldIsRound|"because the world is round ..."))

Older Work

  • ((Poetry/Pondu|Pondu)) from The Little Magazine Vol. 19 (1993)
  • ((Poetry/crowdivision|crowdivision))
  • ((Poetry/OnGinsberg|on Ginsberg))
  • ((Poetry/Mangraph|M A N - G R A P H))
  • ((Poetry/RedTheColor|Red, the Color))

Collections / Chapbooks

  • Casual Attire A short series of eight poems, many written on my '97 trip to Argentina.
  • Central This collection reflects on some larger issues, most likely coming out of a stability of my engagement and then marriage.
  • post-academic Written during 1996, these poems express a sense of re-awakening. They were written during the beginning of my first two "real" jobs -- first at Station Hill, then at the Research Foundation.
  • i_strange:meant A series of 24 poems written during the summer of 1995 while I was working as a lab assistant at the University at Albany. The common theme in the poems is mainly power relationships, both interpersonal and institutional.
  • Water/Body Influence These poems were written in 1994, mostly during a month I spent on Cape Cod.
  • School Pictures This series was written mostly on lunch breaks in the cafeteria while I was working a second shift production job at Jostens (1993). I had just graduated from SUNY with my BA in English -- my occupation was poetry -- developing portraits of schoolchildren provided food and shelter and kept the bankers happy. Also hosted at etext.org.